Chaos Archive

Here we are looking to Research and Archive any material we can get our hands on (talks, videos, software, white papers etc) on topics related to Security, Cryptography, Privacy and Online Freedom of Speech .

Our aim is to develop a decentralised architecture, in order to create a Collaborative Research Platform around the subjects featured in the congress every year.

That is we seek to build on the current CCC-TV project, but to make this more general, and more useful to individual researchers by providing an easy means to share and customise collections of material curated by the individual themselves in a way which can span many events and archives.

CCC-TV, offers a wide variety of video and audio material distributed by the Chaos Computer Club -

Hackers all over the world are organizing events to bring the congress closer to home. Congress Everywhere: allows those unable to attend the Congress in Hamburg to celebrate their own Hackcenter experience, watch the streams, participate via twitter or chats, drink Tschunk, cook and have a good time.