CCC-TV, offers a wide variety of video and audio material distributed by the Chaos Computer Club. Here we are looking to Research and Archive this material, using a decentralised architecture, in order to create a Collaborative Research Platform around the subjects featured in the congress -

Coming up: Public Library/Memory of the World by Marcell Mars.

# #323C Livestream

Screenshot of the link for getting a VLC url for streaming.

You can watch live streams for #32C3 here -

It's clearly much better to watch the live stream in VLC, otherwise when you jump around your browser writing the video and sound pauses.

Go to the web page for the live stream video following the link above, and right-click of the "Direct Links (HLS) button and copy the link to paste into VLC.

# #32C3 Video Archive

Check out the archive of CCC-TV videos from #32C3 in various formats (when available) at

Videos are also uploaded 9somewhat faster within a few hours), to youtube

# #313C Video Archive

Here is an index of videos from last year (2014) -

# Tools

On this site we provide a CCC Transport to make importing and researching the content of talks simple.

In addition we provide an Audioboom Transporter to facilitate on site interviews with projects, and CCC Wiki Transporter to make it easy to bring in and cross reference material from the web.

Plants and Machines video courtesy of CCC. This video is licensed CC-by-3.0.

# Invitation

CCC-TV invites anyone who is anyhow related to the Chaos Computer Club and would like us to convert and publish your video material on this website, feel free to contact them.

They state that while they hope you find the provided video material interesting and informative they cannot give assurances or warranty regarding its quality, together with the usual legal opt-out theat the opinions expressed in the video material do not necessarily state or reflect those of the Chaos Computer Club.